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Weiteres Bild melden Melde das anstößige Bild. Die türkische Regierung . The group presents itself . Politik Ähnliche Seiten 14. Seitdem verübte sie mehrfach . The military bureaucracy, economy and tourism are our top priority targets, while terror of state is not stopped. Bei der Kämpferin handelt es sich demnach um Rojin Serhildan, Çiçek Karabulut, die am 10.

At least people died near the Vodafone Arena when a car bomb hit a police vehicle and a . This was a revenge for Kurds killed and burned in Cizre by the . Funerals have begun for the dea mostly police officers. However, the main organization has returned to its original name PKK and also has created several other affiliated organizations. KURDISTAN FREEDOM FALCONS OR HAWKS ( TAK ). Kontext von „ Tak “ in Italienisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: No! In fact, it is not the Kurds but the state that should . Kongra-Gel might not have been responsible for those attacks that it did not claim.

Branche dissidente ou simple couverture du PKK ? Read more in the Daily Brief:. TAK said in a statement that the attack was carried out by two members of its Martyr Revenge Team. It is unclear if TAK is a part of the PKK.

While there is evidence that TAK was created by disaffected PKK . The attacks of TAK was very frequent and professional. Even though TAK announced that it separated from. Threat from offshoot of the PKK has taken government and urban dwellers by surprise.

Stephen Starr in Istanbul. Urban targets: coffins are carried through the crowd at the funeral of police officers who were killed in a bomb . Two comrades of ours bravely fell martyr as a . The statement by TAK said: “The simultaneous action in Istanbul Vodafone Arena Stadium and Maçka was conducted by our Team Martyr Tirej at 22:on . Kurdistan EnglishVerified account.