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Verleihen Sie Ihren Papierkreationen digitales Leben. Der Slate revolutioniert die Kunst des digitalen Zeichnens. GsISf9JTUOY Ähnliche Seiten 19. Hochgeladen von Brad Colbow What is the iSkn Slate ? You put a piece of paper down on. EUR 190(neue Artikel).

Marke ISKN begleitet den. It was being shipped from France! Tablet The Slate – Eingabestift. And that little fact only, was enough to get me excited about the ISKN Slate 2! Well, I have lived precious days of my life in that gorgeous country, in Paris particularly, and ever since, the place has secured a soft spot in my heart, for like, Forever!

Slate , a Smart Drawing Pad that digitizes your. French startup ISKN (also known as iSketchnote) just launched preorders for its first product, a smart slate. Place a sheet of paper on the Slate and start drawing with a pen or pencil fitted with the iskn Ring. Your drawings instantly appear on your digital devices. For architects and designers who prefer to sketch on paper with pencil or pen but love the convenience of digital drawings, iskn bridges both worlds with the Slate.

The Slate is a writing surface that allows pen- and-paper enthusiasts to digitize their drawings, sketches, and notes. Набор для заметок и рисунков купить на сайте chipgifts. Москве и всей России недорого. Bay Kleinanzeigen: Slate Iskn , Kleinanzeigen – Jetzt finden oder inserieren!

Angebote zu Iskn Slate im Grafiktabletts Preisvergleich. Preise für Iskn Slate vergleichen. Und – was auch nicht unerheblich ist – mit jedem Stift. Достаточно закрепить специальное кольцо Slate на обычной ручке или карандаше, и все.

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Marrying the physical world with the digital world for a . Olympic​ Winter Games starts TODAY in PyeongChang, Korea! Preis ab 17€ (08) bei ausgewählten Shops im Preisvergleich von BestCheck. Das gezeichnete Werk kann dann direkt weiter bearbeitet werden.

The product allows users to digitize their sketches and notes in real time, while keeping a hard copy for their files, a strong added-value. Okay, I know Pineapple Fabric is cool but I just feel the need to share this with all of you because I am possibly buying this. And I just learned about this. For those who are as excited as I am, check their website for their . Windows operating systems supported: Windows 1Windows Education, Windows E.