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Slate helps you create beautiful, intelligent, responsive API documentation. Screenshot of Example Documentation created with Slate. The example above was created with Slate. We have language bindings in Shell, Ruby, and Python!

This example API documentation page was created with Slate. From my point of view, those tools have very different purposes. Swagger is a description language, while slate is just for documentation. Is there a tool that automatically goes.

You can also create Markdown from the swagger . Has anyone tried to integrate Postman in any form? How I use RAML with slate ? Add PDF download button. In a nutshell, Slate provides.

At the time it was migrate there were probably around API endpoints documented and none of which had a swagger spec. Clean, intuitive design — With Slate , the description of your API is on the left side of your documentation, and all the code examples are on the right side. Everything on a single . I came across slate tool when I was looking for API documentation generator for our webservice API. I am the big fan of Markdown and I was looking for a tool like this for writing a documentation. Getting Started with Slate.

Slate Basics – Generate beautiful API documentation. Implementation for a box that only accepts a numeric value or that can display an undetermined value via a string Supports an optional spin box for manipulating a value by dragging with the mouse Supports an optional label inset in the text box. Settings that control Slate. And some experiences are just plain impossible to achieve.

All options: go run bundler. Slate – Beautiful static documentation for your API. Discover alternatives like DevDocs and Whiteboard.

Today, we’re open-sourcing Slate , . An API can be an excellent resource for a reporting project that requires uniting data from disparate sources, or just for simple automation. APIs are annoying to document. API stands for Application Programming Interface.

An API is a framework by which machines can communicate. Slate – Beautiful static documentation for your API.