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LEXAN AD1is a medium viscosity, injection molding grade exhibiting low dust attraction. It is designed for applications with high optical requirements in terms of clarity and light transmission and is also available in opaque colors. Download Documents Technical data. FMVSS3General Statement. SABIC solution for EV supply equipment.

LEXAN OQ6DAW film grade in the portfolio offers law warpage and weathering.

These virtually unbreakable products from . Plastoplan ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in Österreich für Produkte von Sabic (vorm. GE Plastics), wie z. One of the most economical methods of producing these parts is thermoforming. PC (Americas), Opaque colors, medium viscosity, superior flame retardancy.

Grässlin Kunststoffe ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in Deutschland für Produkte von Sabic (GE Plastics), z. Neben Sabic IP, verfügt Sabic auch über die Sparte Sabic Polyolefins, die weltweit der drittgrößte Polyethylen- und viertgrößte Polypropylen-Hersteller ist. Reported values are based on 0. The chemicals and plastics giant noted that the complexity of LED headlights continues to increase with current high-end products containing up to 2components and weighing .

Sabic Lexan CXT Chemicals company Sabic (Houston, TX) has introduced a new line of high-clarity, high-heat, injection moldable polycarbonate copolymer resins. Lexan CXT resins can offer a unique balance of high temperature resistance, high flow and color stability under extreme molding conditions, . Colors and effects you want, fast. Here you can develop custom colors, select from thousands of existing colors, and match your target for branding or aesthetics. Clear added-value performance.

For the graphics industry, a range of tailor-made Lexan polycarbonate graphic film and sheet products . LEXAN 143R is a medium viscosity multi purpose U. The plant built by General Electric Plastics puts this company among the biggest in the world. The plant was awarded to the joint SR-TR-FW, where . Polycarbonates plant, LEXAN II, Murcia, Spain. For medical devices and pharmaceutical applications. EtO, e-beam and gamma sterilizable. Contains a higher amount of mold release than HPS1.

Medium viscosity PC copolymer with enhanced UV stabilization and added release agent. Available in transparent and tinted colors.