Insulation foam cosplay

Note: Anything underlined is a link to an image or website! It came in three thicknesses – ½ inch, inch, and inch. All three sheets were about feet long. Quick tutorial on the tools and techniques I used to carve insulation foam to make props like horns, guns.

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I go over some of the benefits of using XPS foam instead of the traditional EVA for a base to wrap Worbla onto. Bill and Britt team up to make a giant, lightweight, XPS foam gear for an upcoming World of Warcraft prop. Our EVA Foam – TNT Cosplay Supply. Need a tutorial of how to carve expanding foam ? This great stuff is amazing to make cosplay props or cool pauldrons out of it. Just spray, carve and use paper mache to finish it!

I hope my tutorials and instructions will help you out! The main ingredient of this prop is obviously foam boar specifically extruded polystyrene, or insulation foam board.

How to make a sword with insulation foam 1. Copy the pattern to the board and cut it. Make a hole in the mid of. Materials: Pink insulation foam. If needed) a trusted adult . Worbla sandwiched around insulation foam and woo by Kamui Cosplay. I was thinking of going over it afterward with Plastidip.

Does anyone know if that . As a Thank You to all my supporters, here is the Foam Board Weapon Tutorial! Tutorial and all images therein are Copyright Fire Lily and FireLilyCosplay. Insulation foam , craft foam , and worbla are wonderful materials to use for props!

My next tutorial will likely be for my Kagerou cosplay. This post is going to be about the use of Owens Corning pink Foamular insulation foam for crafting and prop making. I was literally just looking at this product on the home depot website while looking for materials and tools to make weapon props for a cosplay of mine.

Working with insulation foam (Horns) – Working with clay (Antlers) – Working with expanding foam (Pauldrons) – Attaching pauldrons – Attaching masks. As well as the following work examples: – Crusader Helmet – Barbarian Pauldron. Book information: Advanced cosplay armor making: pages, high quality full color .