Cheddar window balcony

The CABRIO Balcony Windows go from a roof window to a balcony in seconds. Top half opens like a traditional roof window for days no balacony is wanted. The Danish company Velux has developed a foldable balcony that fits inside a window frame when not.

The Bloomframe could be the future of interior design. This window turns into a balcony. Popular European brand Velux has reinvented the balcony with their Cabrio window , . With the push of a button, this Bloomframe window transforms into a fully functional balcony.

Created by HofmanDujardin, an Amsterdam-based architecture firm, it will soon be used in a new housing project in Amsterdam. The best way to make pasta is inside a gigantic hunk of cheese. Imagine turning a roof window into a balcony in seconds. The first models are destined for an apartment building in Amsterdam in The . Apartment dwellers in those countries can now add a push button balcony to their windows. Of course, those windows would have to be big enough to accommodate something like this, but the designers claim that the size of the Bloomframe . Why just have a window , when you could have a window that turns into a mini balcony ? The Cabrio Balcony designed by Danish window company Velux is a roof window or . Cheddar covers the latest in business and tech news.

View our product range including top and bottom operated roof windows , balcony , roof terrace and special function roof windows. Find out more details here. Space-conscious high-rise dwellers will love this kinetic Bloomframe window , which transforms into an open air balcony with the touch of a button. The designers at HofmanDujardin and manufacturers at Kawneer have been working on the project for years, and now the innovative façade may appear soon . Next on your home tour, your tech-savvy neighbor stops at a window , pushes it open and prepares to step outside. The balcony comfortably holds a small furniture set and the both of you.

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Please see below for pricing which does not include $160. INSIDE CABIN on 10th floor (n__o windows ). The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view. Adding a cheese or dessert station provides a decadent end.

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